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Christie Phoenix can control any network resource, the only requirements are Gigabit Ethernet, IPv4, IGMP v2, PIM Support – even IPv6 addresses can be specified.

Phoenix devices are paired with a USB HID interface so, KVM control of source is hot-key configurable, to allow direct control from desktop or display wall simulator.

Users can operate advanced window management tools to set window borders, labelling, background image and bezel compensation.

Christie Phoenix offers full integration API and simplified CLI protocol for control systems and touch panels.

Content mobility: redefined

  • Back-up and restore from local disk
  • Full system monitoring, including historical data
  • Log-in authentication, saved user state
World Connections

Network Distribution

Christie Phoenix enables you to display and control content shared across your existing IP network.

No need for additional cabling, routers or switchers, Christie Phoenix utilises your network investment to share and control data as far as your network extends.

Users have complete flexibility, they can use a Phoenix device or their own desktop displays.

Where a direct DVI is not available Christie Phoenix supports input and transcoding of streaming software and full support of (soft) KVM over a network.

Offers simple web-based set-up and configuration of your content delivery & control solution.

Phoenix devices are distributed across the content delivery and control system, making the system fault-tolerant with no central point of failure.

Content mobility: redefined

  • Not restricted to high bandwidth networks
  • Not restricted to a single control location, unless you want to
  • Content access not limited to deployment of node hardware
Phoenix Rear


Each Christie Phoenix device supports two outputs, twelve high definition windows and synchronised to a single display wall an incredible 1,536 HD streaming windows.

Multiple display walls can be configured in any Phoenix system and operate independent configurations and resolutions.

Christie Phoenix can be upgraded or reconfigured while the system remains live maintaining critical monitoring at all times.

Phoenix single universal hardware device makes it easy to scale system performance or add system utility and functionality.

Content mobility: redefined

  • Unlimited desktop clients, no licensing
  • From two to thousands of inputs
  • Up to 20Mbps video streams
  • Direct support for network cameras

Christie Phoenix


Christie Phoenix nodes offer a single solution to view, listen and interact with any networked resource.

The Phoenix provides content input, output, encoding and decoding simultaneously in one device.

Phoenix single-universal hardware device makes it easy to configure, repair and provide system redundancy at much lower costs.

Phoenix uses industry standard H.264 media encoding and decoding so it can be seamlessly integrated into existing IT environments.

Decodes up to 12 high-definition H.264 streams in real time with full scaling and compositing.

Can handle many network cameras, directly, without any additional processing required.

Content mobility: redefined

  • Does NOT use proprietary encoding
  • Eliminates set-up, training and support for complex and multiple hardware devices
  • Negates administration of numerous warranties or support services for disparate hardware
Phoenix Front


By sharing content in real time – operators, managements and field workers can all collaborate, assess and make faster, better-informed decisions.

Christie Phoenix can capture and encode a DVI input with audio into a high quality video stream in real time.

Copying content to another display just requires a copy and paste action.

A simple palletised interface gives users customised dash-boarding of any network asset, for quick-reference, without obscuring the entire desktop or display canvas.

All features present on Christie Phoenix display wall are available on the local desktop, including soft KVM for remote control – regardless of origin.

Content mobility: redefined

  • Each Phoenix Device supports resolutions up to 2560 x 1600 pixels
  • Does support HDCP (Blu-ray) and DL-DVI
  • Permits display rotation and overlaps for blended applications

Content Mobility

The same information, presented in the same format, at the same time regardless of location.

End points can be Phoenix devices, computers installed with Phoenix client software – even smart devices – iPads, Android Tablets and smart phones.

A control solution for single room, multiple rooms, out of room and multiple remote locations.

Encoded video streams are made available via IP multicast and can be simultaneously viewed, listened to or controlled by one or thousands of users – wherever they may be.

Built-in messaging and content tools allow users to send and receive live streams (even sets of streams), just select who and where you want to send to.

Content mobility: redefined

  • No proprietary stream formats
  • Not a software-only system
  • No restrictive or complex licensing by seat, output or screen-scrape
  • Frame-rate not content dependent
Mac and iPhone


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